ACTEDO’s 2015 Activity Report is out

05.09.2016 / 15:03 / News

We kindly invite you to browse through ACTEDO’s most recent Activity Report, which contains the organisation’s most important results and activities in 2015, in the 3 strategic programmes that we follow:

1. Access to Justice 

– 2015 marks the first year of The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights. With the help of the EEA Grant 2009-2014, of our partners, project team and volunteers, ACTEDO set the foundation of a strong and devoted community, composed of 48 Pro Bono Lawyers form 7 counties and from Bucharest, and offered free legal assistance to over 100 beneficiaries from 15 counties and from Bucharest.

– Pro Bono Lawyers offered legal assistance and representation in 14 human rights areas, among which the rights of people with disabilities, violence against women and forced evictions of Roma.

2. Gender Equality

– in 2015, ACTEDO became the coordinator of the national network Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence, composed of 20 women’s NGOs from all over Romania. Together with our partners, we implemented an advocacy campaign for the development of integrated services for victims of sexual violence and for the ratification of The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (the Istanbul Convention)

– we organised work meetings with representatives of the Government and of public institutions with attributions in combating violence against women, work meetings with the network’s members, training sessions and released several position papers and open letters.

3. Human Rights Education

– we promoted human rights and pro bono lawyering by organising a conference for Law students in Cluj-Napoca on the role of legal clinics in defending fundamental rights, but also by writing 4 editions of a legal newsletter for Pro Bono Lawyers, and many articles and publications in the field.

For more details about our activity, our participation in national and international events, but also for a comprehensive photo gallery, access the report below: