At the UN ACTEDO urges Romania to fulfil its obligations assumed through international human rights treaties

December 14, Geneva, United Nations. Equality and Human Rights Action Centre (ACTEDO) presented its report for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on the evolution of human rights in Romania in the past 5 years. ACTEDO addressed the issue of the access to justice of vulnerable groups, as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights, and made 7 […] Read more


ACTEDO’s submission for the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

In January 2018, in Geneva, Romania will be under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) which will assess its compliance with international human rights standards and the latest developments in the area of human rights. The basis of the Review is the UN Charter, International Treaties, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and government commitments in […] Read more

RPB 2016 EN_feat

Infographic The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights – 2016

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CRIN Advocacy guide

When the State Doesn’t Care. A Guide to Accessing Justice for Violations of Children’s Rights in Care Institutions in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus

When the State Doesn’t Care is an advocacy guide brought to you by Child Rights International Network – CRIN, with contributions from ACTEDO, addressing the issue of access to justice of children facing abuse and neglect in care institutions in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus. The guide aims to provide children’s rights advocates information on […] Read more

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Activity Report 2016

2016 was a full year for ACTEDO, a year in which we coordinated two national projects, we organised conferences, workshops, trainings and social events, and in which we received two significant awards, which recognize the contribution ACTEDO has brought in Romania. Some of our most notable results in 2016 are:  THE PRO BONO NETWORK FOR HUMAN […] Read more


Anniversary Reception: 2 Years of the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights

December 2016. This month The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights has turned two! In these past two years ACTEDO has involved Pro Bono Lawyers in solving serious social problems, such as discrimination, the access to education and health of people with disabilities, domestic violence, harassment and forced evictions, to name a few. We would […] Read more


ACTEDO wins the European Award for Local Pro Bono Impact!

November 17, 2016, Amsterdam. In a ceremony at the 10th annual European Pro Bono Forum, ACTEDO receives the European Award for Local Pro Bono Impact in recognition of its outstanding contribution to promoting pro bono lawyering and access to justice in Romania. The award, set up by PILnet (The Global Network for Public Interest Law), one of […] Read more


Interactive workshop for law students – Legal aid for vulnerable groups. A Norwegian model

November 3rd, 2016. ACTEDO, in partnership with Jussbuss, one of the biggest legal clinics in Norway, organized an interactive workshop for law students – Legal aid for vulnerable groups. A Norwegian model, which was held at the Faculty of Law of Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize Romanian students […] Read more


The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights has been nominated for the European Award for Local Pro Bono Impact 2016

We are delighted to announce that The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights has been nominated for the European Award for Local Pro Bono Impact 2016! The prize is awarded by PILnet – The Global Network for Public Interest Law, a non-governmental organisation with global coverage, which promotes access to justice, the development of civil […] Read more


Popescu, Mirauta, Bucur Law Firm joins The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights!

 We have the pleasure to announce that a new law firm, Popescu Mirăuță, Bucur, from Constanta has joined the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights! We warmly welcome them and wish them success in both their activities and endeavours to defend human rights in Romania! The Pro Bono Network from Human Rights now collaborates with […] Read more


ACTEDO’s 2015 Activity Report is out

We kindly invite you to browse through ACTEDO’s most recent Activity Report, which contains the organisation’s most important results and activities in 2015, in the 3 strategic programmes that we follow: 1. Access to Justice  – 2015 marks the first year of The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights. With the help of the EEA Grant […] Read more


Bringing Human Rights Education to High Schools

Between June 14th and June 23rd, 2016, the Equality and Human Rights Action Centre (ACTEDO) implemented a new project on human rights education in local high schools in Cluj-Napoca. Visited schools included: Colegiul Național Emil Racoviță, at which ACTEDO spoke with two 9th grade classes and one 11th grade class, and Liceul Teoretic Eugen Pora, at […] Read more


Study Visit in Norway: Legal Aid for Refugees and Immigrants

Between 20-25 April, ACTEDO went to Norway on a study visit to learn more about how Norwegian NGOs and institutions provide legal aid and otherwise assist refugees and immigrants, a particularly relevant topic in the context of the current refugee crisis in Europe. The study visit was funded with the help of EEA Grants through the Fund for Bilateral Relations, […] Read more


One year of the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights

The clearinghouse run by ACTEDO, The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights, has completed one year of activity! It was a year of positively solved cases, of challenges and lessons learned, all of which we are pleased to present in The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights. Report: 2015 – The First Year of Activity.  What you […] Read more


The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights Wins 3rd Prize at the Civil Society Gala!

Monday, June 6th 2016, after a tight competition between many initiatives of nongovernmental organisations from all over the country, The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights was awarded 3rd prize at the Civil Society Gala, at the section Protection of Individual/ Collective Human Rights. The prize is a public recognition of The Pro Bono Network’s […] Read more


14 Letters sent to Romanian Public Authorities on Access to Justice

Following the launch of the 2015 activity report of The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights, ACTEDO sent 14 letters to relevant public authorities in the field of access to justice and development, such as: The Romanian Government, The Ministry of Justice, The Ministry of European Funds, The National Association of Romanian Bars, The High Court of […] Read more


The Conclusions of the Conference “Sexual Violence: Challenges and Solutions in the Context of the Ratification of the Istanbul Convention” – Febr. 23, 2016

Bucharest, Febr. 24, 2016 –  The nongovernmental organisations members of the national network Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence organised yesterday, February 23, 2016, a conference regarding the protection of victims of sexual violence and the Romanian state’s obligations in the area of gender-based violence.  The Conference “Sexual Violence: Challenges and Solutions in the Context of […] Read more


The Access to Education of Children with Disabilities

A.S. is the mother of a child with multiple disabilities, Cătălin, living in Cluj county. Every day, A.S. together with her boy, wake up at 5.45 AM, in order to get to school, in the city of Cluj-Napoca. The two get back home, at 9 pm in the evening, very tired, after having changed several […] Read more


The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights

In 2016, we received over 60 requests for pro bono legal assistance in cases concerning human rights violations of vulnerable groups, such as children, people with disabilities, elderly, Roma, single mothers, women affected by gender based violence, etc. Read more about our cases, represented by the pro bono lawyers. Find out more about our results […] Read more

Coperta 2013 EN (2)

ACTEDO’s first Activity Report. Our work in 2013-2014

The Equality and Human Rights Action Centre was formed in 2013 by three founding members: Adela Dumbrăvan, Iulia Pascu, Ioana Tuță. In 2014, Alexandra Columban joined our team as an associate member. Throughout 2013 and 2014 we worked to develop our financial support, we established our priorities and strategic directions and diversified our activities. Additionally, we […] Read more


Legal Clinic – An Instrument for Defending Human Rights

December 11, 2015, Law Faculty, Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. ACTEDO organized a debate on the role of legal clinics in the professional development of law students across the country. Renowned speakers discussed how students can support public interest and why it is crucial for them to assume an active role in social justice.    (Picture taken from Associate […] Read more


The First 10 Months of The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights

We have been active for 10 months now, which is just enough to give us something to talk about. Here are some results of our work together with our Pro Bono Lawyers work in the past 10 months, as well as some testimonies of those involved in this project: beneficiaries of pro bono legal assistance, […] Read more

corpul meu

“40 Days for Life” or Steps towards Limiting Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Romania

[Article by Alexandra Columban, ACTEDO, published by ASTRA Network, a European publication for Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights] Cluj-Napoca, Romania. For a little over a month, the 2015 European Youth Capital has witnessed an emerging discourse of hostility towards women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health. The issue at stake is, not surprisingly, abortion. […] Read more