Do you speak Human Rights?

03.11.2014 / 16:00 / Campaigns

Do You Speak Human Rights?

ACTEDO has been part of a peace advocacy project realized under the United Network of
Young Peacebuilders’ umbrella. This human rights education video was created as a result of ACTEDO’s participation to the ‘Youth Advocacy for Peace’ Study Session in Council of
Europe’s premises in Budapest.

This project presents the 30 articles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every year, on the 10th December, the world celebrates the Human Rights Day. However, there is still much unawareness of human fundamental rights and big gaps in human rights education, across the world.

One of the aims of making this video is to have it used as a human rights awareness-raising and promotion tool by human rights workers and advocates, to help them get their message across and have a starting point for human rights debates in schools or other groups.