Interactive workshop for law students – Legal aid for vulnerable groups. A Norwegian model

04.11.2016 / 17:49 / Human Rights Education

November 3rd, 2016. ACTEDO, in partnership with Jussbuss, one of the biggest legal clinics in Norway, organized an interactive workshop for law students – Legal aid for vulnerable groups. A Norwegian model, which was held at the Faculty of Law of Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize Romanian students with different models of legal clinics around Europe and to encourage them to acquire practical skills in the legal profession while providing effective access to justice to the most vulnerable groups of society.

Some of the topics covered at the workshop were:

The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights. The clearinghouse run by ACTEDO matches Pro Bono Attorenys with individuals belonging to vulnerable groups and whose rights have been violated, as well as with NGOs working with such groups.

# Legal clinic, a legal aid center where students provide counseling to people who do not have the means to hire a lawyer. Similarly to a pro bonorsz_1rsz_poster_juss_buss clearinghouse, a legal clinic provides free legal aid to its clients, but it is students, not lawyers who do so.

# Jussbuss. Initially operating inside a bus, Jussbuss (“the law bus”) was founded in Oslo in 1971 and is now one of the largest legal clinics in Norway, with approx. 30 law students working there. Unlike other legal clinics, Jussbuss is entirely run by students and constitutes a full-time job (which includes a salary, although a modest one), meaning that its members take one year off from classes to fully dedicate themselves to their tasks in the organisation. In addition, the legal clinic is integrated in the curriculum of the University (one year at Jussbuss accounts for 30 credits). The high competition and the rigorous selection process add up to students being very passionate about their work, which makes Jussbuss a prestigious and motivating experience sought by many students.

# Analysis of real cases from Jussbuss. The students discusses different approaches and potential solutions to several interesting cases that Jussbuss aided in the past, such as: an inmate’s right to conjugal visits; family reunification for the 18 year-old daughter of Syrian refugees in Norway; a Romanian citizen, homeless and with poor language skills, who has been expelled from the Norwegian social services’office on grounds of threatening behaviour, etc.

Workshop facilitators: Thomas Meier Strømme, Linn Marie Husa, Robert Ødegaard – Jussbuss. Alexandra Columban – ACTEDO.