One year of the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights

16.04.2016 / 11:11 / News

The clearinghouse run by ACTEDO, The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights, has completed one year of activity! It was a year of positively solved cases, of challenges and lessons learned, all of which we are pleased to present in The Pro Bono Network for Human Rights. Report: 2015 – The First Year of Activity

What you will find out in the report:

  • harta judetethe number of persons who received legal assistance through the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights in order to solve their legal problems;
  • where we received most requests for legal assistance from and which are the cities with the highest numbers of Pro Bono Lawyers;
  • which areas of human rights were covered in 2015;
  • why the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights is a unique project in Romania;
  • which cases were the most strategic or affected the largest number of people;


  • why we strongly believe that pro bono lawyering should be regulated in Romania;
  • how we and the Pro Bono Lawyers understand the role of lawyers in the community and in ensuring social justice;
  • recommendations and suggestions for improving the access to justice of vulnerable groups and for supporting nongovernmental organisations;
  • the stories and faces of those who made the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights possible, members of ACTEDO and lawyers alike.





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