We’ve started “EGALIS: gender equality through social change and education”

Through education we can change outdated mentalities and build a society in which girls and women have equal opportunities, respect and full rights. Education is the best way to prevent sexism, discrimination and gender-based violence. As part of the Coalition for Gender Equality we are pleased to announce that we have started the implementation of […] Read more

ACTEDO’s submission for the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

In January 2018, in Geneva, Romania will be under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) which will assess its compliance with international human rights standards and the latest developments in the area of human rights. The basis of the Review is the UN Charter, International Treaties, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and government commitments in […] Read more

Joint Opinion on the ratification of the Istanbul Convention

This joint opinion analyses various aspects and provisions of the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention which still require transposition into domestic law, without aiming to be an exhaustive or comprehensive analysis of the primary, secondary or tertiary legislative instruments or of the institutional framework which regulates this field. The purpose of this joint opinion is […] Read more

Sexual Violence Referral Centres – Policy Paper

Almost 28.5% of women (3 million women) in Romania are victims of physical and/or sexual violence throughout their lives, and 6% of women (600,000 women) fall victim to sexual violence. Thus, sexual violence constitutes a matter of national public health which requires urgent action. Moreover, sexual violence is one of the least reported and sanctioned crimes. […] Read more

Infographic – Sexual Assault Referral Centres

With this infographic, we aim to highlight the obstacles that a victim of sexual violence face, in Romania, from the difficulty in obtaining a medical certificate to filing a complaint or accessing basic healthcare and legal aid. There is an urgent need for sexual violence referral centres in Romania which are able to provide integrated services. As part and coordinators of the NGO Network, Breaking the Silence against Sexual Violence we advocate for the respect of human rights of the victims of sexual violence and urge the authorities to take measures. Read more

The Conclusions of the Conference “Sexual Violence: Challenges and Solutions in the Context of the Ratification of the Istanbul Convention” – Febr. 23, 2016

Bucharest, Febr. 24, 2016 –  The nongovernmental organisations members of the national network Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence organised yesterday, February 23, 2016, a conference regarding the protection of victims of sexual violence and the Romanian state’s obligations in the area of gender-based violence.  The Conference “Sexual Violence: Challenges and Solutions in the Context of […] Read more

“40 Days for Life” or Steps towards Limiting Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Romania

[Article by Alexandra Columban, ACTEDO, published by ASTRA Network, a European publication for Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights] Cluj-Napoca, Romania. For a little over a month, the 2015 European Youth Capital has witnessed an emerging discourse of hostility towards women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health. The issue at stake is, not surprisingly, abortion. […] Read more

Do you speak Women’s Rights?

Do You Speak Women’s Rights? As the 8th of March is the International Women’s Rights Day, people around the world, women and men, speak up and acknowledge the fact that women’s rights are human rights. This video was created by ACTEDO as a follow-up to the below video (Do You Speak Human Rights?) and it presents […] Read more

ACTEDO is Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence in Romania In Romania, approximately 4 out of 20 women are victims of a sexual aggression throughout their lives, as a recent study by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights shows. The same study points to the fact that merely 5% of violent attacks on women are reported to the Police and […] Read more